Understanding the Law of Justice,
of Ethics and Universal Brotherhood
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
“The white race must be the first to stretch
out the hand of fellowship to the dark nations,
to call the poor despised ‘nigger’ brother.
This prospect may not smile to all, but he is
no Theosophist who objects to this principle.”
[The Maha-Chohan, in “Letters from the Masters
of the Wisdom”, transcribed by C. Jinarajadasa,
TPH, Adyar, India, 1948, First Series, Letter 1, p. 5.]
Years ago a North-American member of E-Theosophy group [1] wrote to us and said that he suspected esoteric philosophy had a racist view regarding African nations and black people.   
When we asked him for evidence and clarification, our friend started by mentioning a few statements made by William Q. Judge on the black race, which can be seen on chapter 9 of his book “Echoes From the Orient”.
[1] The correspondence took place by 2015. As to the study group, click to see or to join E-Theosophy at Google Groups: https://groups.google.com/g/e-theosophy.
The article “How Theosophy Defeats Racism” was published as an independent item in the associated websites on 19 January 2022.  An initial version of the text, with no indication as to the name of the author, is included in the January 2022 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 5-12.
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