Making the Next
12 Months a Work of Art
Independent Lodge of Theosophists
Editorial Note:
Karma has its tides, and they can be used in the pursuit of timeless wisdom.
The following text is a tool for the conscientious citizen to use the cyclical force of time, associated with the power of inner decision.
At any time during the final months of the current year, and until January 4 of next year, the commitment can be copied, completed with the appropriate adaptations so as to make it fit to each person’s reality, and signed.
If the student wants the Independent Lodge of Theosophists to be a silent witness to the decisions made, a copy of the commitment can be sent by email or airmail to the Lodge. [1]
The role of Independent Lodge is to inspire and stimulate the decision of each student who wishes to make the commitment.  By the practical development of his spiritual will, the pilgrim has access to the magnetic field of those who work for the good of humanity and are benefited by the superior force of altruism.  (CCA)
A Commitment to the Next Year
* Depending on what I sow each day, I will harvest sooner or later. Therefore,
1) I promise myself that in the year of __________ I will try to take advantage of the opportunities that surround me to learn and to practice self-discipline.
2) In this period and beyond I will improve myself by acting ethically and constantly listening to my conscience.
3) I will see failures as reasons to strengthen my intention.
4) I will use the power of smaller cycles of activity by observing and improving the way I use time across the 24-hour period.  
5) Part of my energy will be dedicated to creating and maintaining good habits. I will elevate my thoughts to that which is supreme and sacred.
6) From the first days of next year and until the first week of the following yearly cycle, my vital energy will be used with as much wisdom as I am capable of.
7)  I know these decisions will be valid into the extension that I pay daily attention to them.
The Independent Lodge of Theosophists is a witness to these resolutions. I count on the speechless support of the Lodge. I include my name in the magnetic field of those who are guided by their own good will.  
May I not forget the presence on our planet of the immortal Sages who patiently help mankind and the whole Wave of Life.
(Signature)  _______________________________________________
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An initial version of the above article was published in the November 2020 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pages 1-3.  The text was published as an independent item at the associated websites on 16 December 2020.   
Consider studying “Stoicism in the Esoteric Philosophy”, by CCA, and “Fragments from Stoic Philosophy”, by Musonius Rufus.
For those who feel that unnecessary suffering may be present in their lives, we recommend “Why One Should Disdain Hardships” and “Musonius: No Need of Much Evidence”, both by the same ancient philosopher.  
Helena Blavatsky (photo) wrote these words: “Deserve, then desire”.