Paving the Way to
Unconditional Contentment
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Om, Shanti.
What I think must be in harmony with what I say, and with what I feel, and do.
Thoughts, feelings, intentions, words and actions must all point to the same direction.
Although their alignment will be human and imperfect, they should have a common substance.
As long as the main goal is noble and its value lasts forever, I can always improve: in this, however, vigilance is an essential factor.
My goal is so vast and elevated that I can see it from a long distance.
As I walk through the road of time, I learn to be generous regarding other pilgrims. And I focus my soul on my own mission, and use the power of good will.
Equilibrium results from two elements: having no selfish desire, and seeking – in impersonal ways – for the wisdom of altruism.
Given these practical conditions, an inner peace and lasting contentment inevitably emerge; and then, they slowly tend to grow.
Om. Shanti.
An initial version of the above text was published at “The Aquarian Theosophist”, February 2015 edition, p. 01. It had no indication as to the name of the author.