The Duty of the Theosophical Movement
Is To Help Start Another Historical Cycle
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
* There are two aspects in learning. One is acquiring, the other is letting go. In order to obtain celestial wisdom, one must renounce earthly astuteness.
* The pilgrim can only go ahead on the path if he leaves behind the landscape he is familiar with. We all have much to unlearn. Identifying and rejecting illusion is as important as absorbing eternal knowledge. The awakening of intelligence shows all things, beautiful and ugly: a karmic choice is unavoidable at every step.
* No amount of elegant excuses can legitimize disrespect, hatred or intentional violence. We stand with goodness, with truthfulness and altruism. Inner peace and moderation result from wisdom. Law and Ethics are of the essence.
* The whole world is in peace, as long as we are in peace. In other words: into the extent that we are connected to our spiritual soul, we are also in unity with the silent and occult harmony of the One Law that rules Life everywhere. This sort of peace transcends conflict. It heals the disease of naiveté. It unmasks illusion. It reduces the source of pain. It teaches people how to leave aside the lack of discernment.
* Daily discipline gives the universal perception of things a chance to go down to earth and to exist in peace and simplicity, in humble silence, in a kind of nothingness and meaninglessness that promises the plenitude of totality. The natural firmness of discipline reiterates that which we already know to be good. Correct habits give us a stable basis for the higher search and learning. An unchanging soil is needed by those who study the sky.
Defeating the Illusions of Naiveté
* Theosophy is not separate from daily life or social events. The state of human soul decisively influences the destiny of the outward world.
* In different moments of History, various countries take the lead and show the way. The very country that seems the most highly civilized in one circumstance may become the main center of disorder a little later. Social decay becomes unavoidable as soon as spirituality is dismantled and despised and its moral values are abandoned for no apparent reason.
* Students of theosophy are invited to examine how conscious has the theosophical movement been of its responsibility for the future of human civilization. And how loyal it has been to Truth and to its Search, since Annie Besant started talking to false masters and abandoned good sense in the beginning of the 20th century.
* The true theosophical movement – much smaller than the nominal one – stands at the higher and causal level of Karma. It has its own responsibilities in the history of a civilization, which Helena Blavatsky defines in the closing lines of her book “The Key to Theosophy”.
* Let us hope good willing people situated anywhere can help start a new historical cycle based on ethics and sincerity. Morality sustains civilized society. Its absence destroys it all.  Let us hope and work so that the social and political frauds (among them the illusions of hatred, money-addiction, sex-addiction and drug-addiction) will be duly unmasked in every country. May we help that happen in time to avoid unnecessary pain.
* A renewed sense of duty is being born again. One must not forget that the healing aspect of the birth of a new cycle is largely invisible in its first phases.
* The act of being born again is often a dramatic event at all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. Most healing processes are both painful and dangerous.  The alchemy of rebirth, individual and collective, is no simple issue. It requires high karmic temperatures and the transmutation of substances. In such a context, one should think mainly of the best and the highest – with sober realism and discernment.
The above article was published as an independent item in the associated websites on 20 June 2022. An initial version of it – with no indication as to the name of the author – is part of the July 2020 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 8-9.  The last two paragraphs, however, come from page 14 in the same edition, and were written by the same author.  
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