An Annual Message to
Theosophists Around the World
Anonymous Authors
John Garrigues started the ULT Day Letters in 1931
A 2017 Editorial Note:
The historical experience of the ULT is a source of inspiration for the Independent Lodge of Theosophists.
During 80 years, around 25th of June the United Lodge of Theosophists sent via air mail from Los Angeles a message to its associates and friends all over the world. John Garrigues was the main author and editor of these ULT Day letters from their beginning, in 1931, up to his death in 1944.
The yearly letters went on until 2011, when they ceased to circulate due to circumstances related to the Law of Cycles. 
In 2015 we published this collection of 29 ULT Day Letters, from 1931 through 1960. Twenty-nine years make one cycle of Saturn.