The Divine Presence Amid the
Outward Duality of the World
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The symbol of the ILT shows a dove – the spiritual energy – flying amidst the inevitable duality of life, represented by two globes with different aspects of the world map.
Helena Blavatsky concluded some of her letters and messages to students with the image of a winged globe. [1]
Among the meanings of the winged globe is the harmonious combination of stability (the globe) with transcendence (the bird): of the material with the spiritual. The same elements are present in our case.
The dove in the symbol of the ILT means the peace of winged wisdom, which flies transcending materiality. But the bird is also the white dove of truth mentioned in the Letters from the Masters of Wisdom.  As recorded in those volumes, a raja-yogi from the Himalayas made in the 19th century the following statement, which is perfectly updated in the 21st century:
“The intellectual portions of mankind seem to be fast drifting into two classes, the one unconsciously preparing for itself long periods of temporary annihilation or states of non-consciousness, owing to the deliberate surrender of their intellect, its imprisonment in the narrow grooves of bigotry and superstition, a process which cannot fail to lead to the utter deformation of the intellectual principle; the other unrestrainedly indulging its animal propensities with the deliberate intention of submitting to annihilation pure and simple in case of failure, to millenniums of degradation after physical dissolution. Those ‘intellectual classes’, reacting upon the ignorant masses which they attract and which look up to them as noble and fit examples to follow, degrade and morally ruin those they ought to protect and guide. Between degrading superstition and still more degrading brutal materialism, the white dove of truth has hardly room where to rest her weary unwelcome foot.” [2]
The ILT aims at making some room on Earth for the inspiring dove. That bird is a symbol of the sixth principle of human consciousness; buddhi, the immortal soul, our spiritual intelligence.
The ILT adopts as a guiding principle the motto of the modern theosophical movement, founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in September 1875: “There is no Religion Higher than Truth”.
[1] See, for instance, Collected Writings, H. P. Blavatsky, TPH, USA, 1986, volume IX, p. 248. There are two small images of the winged disk or globe in Collected Writings, volume XII, pp. 477 and 483.
[2] Letters From the Masters of the Wisdom – First Series”, 1948 edition, Letter 01, pp. 3-4.  These words come from a Letter in which a Mahatma clarifies the main task of the esoteric movement.
The above text was first published in Portuguese at the September 2023 edition of O Teosofista”, pp. 9-10.  It is also part of the October 2023 edition of “El Teósofo Acuariano”, pp. 1-2, and the October 2023 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 1-2. Its publication online as an independent item in English took place on 6 June 2024.
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