A Wordless Healing of the Souls
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
We should not try to do more than we can.
Actually working is better than discussing the actions of others. By keeping to our own duty and dharma we preserve the ability to act in creative ways.
Successful pilgrims know that silent events are more important than the noisy ones.
The optimal point of balance in one’s trajectory is reached through wordless good will. Outward slowness helps us take real steps ahead. One single act of kindness can change the whole landscape of life. And this seldom takes place in a hurry.
The Ethics of the Media
True, some of the main magazines and newspapers seem to think they can make more money by stimulating dissent and illusion. Everything is cyclic: there is a time for falsehoods to spread, and a time for truth to be respected once again. In the long run, false propaganda has no future. Ethics is essential to journalism, and sooner or later Truth prevails.
When the Small Purifies the Large
Will a single drop of clean water redeem the quality of life in a sea of Karma? 
One step in the right direction can make the whole difference by changing the destination of the efforts. Every self-responsible citizen constitutes the central point of planetary awakening. The center is everywhere. [1]
By elevating oneself a wider horizon is seen.
Life is an infinite conglomerate of mutual help actions, a transcending web of altruistic intentions.
Creative good will builds a family and preserves a civilization. An old community and a modern hospital are intelligent systems of organized Compassion. A village, a city, a country, a marriage, a friendship – all depend on mutual confidence and close cooperation.
[1] See the articles “The Center of Pascal’s Sphere”, “The Power to Change the World”, “Pascal’s Sphere” (this one by Jorge Luis Borges) and “A Lever to Move the World”.
The above text was published as an independent item in the associated websites on 24 February 2020. Initial versions of its paragraphs were anonymously published in the February 2018 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 8-10.