The Fulfilment of Duty
As a Source of Blessings
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The tenth sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn, begins around December 22nd. Earth is its element, and Saturn the ruling planet. When the Sun is in Capricorn, life becomes more realistic and disciplined. The fulfillment of duty becomes central to the agenda of souls.
Capricorn people have a long-term view of things. Planning is a natural talent. In some occasions, stubbornness can be a problem. As in every other sign, the fundamental equation is given by the struggle in the soul between two magnetic fields: that of ethics and altruism, which allows one to build a heavenly treasure, and the field of selfishness based on spiritual ignorance, which condemns one to the process of self-deception. Fortunately, the goal of Capricorn is elevated. It learns from its mistakes. It has tenacity.
Anna Maria Costa Ribeiro writes:
“Capricorn in the northern hemisphere occurs in winter. And in order to survive the cold weather of winter you have to be strong. Nature struggles to preserve life. In the same way, the Capricorn person – who has learned and assimilated all the phases of previous signs – comes to a moment when he has a definite notion of who he is, what he is capable of and what he can achieve in the world. And Capricorn wants the stability of his power, of his social position.”
Anna Maria adds:
“Capricorn is socially oriented: the world defines what is right, important and acceptable and the individual follows these rules. Capricorn is the established order, that which is real, the practice and not the theory. ” [1]
How exactly does the influence from Saturn guide Capricorn? How does it help guide life as a whole?  
The essence of the energy from a planet is universal, or neutral. In other words, it doesn’t always push people into this or that direction necessarily.  Its possibilities are almost limitless. The objective way in which the influence of a planet will occur depends not only on the whole sky at a given moment, but, above all, it depends on the Karma of each individual. The concrete expressions of astrological energies depend on the degree of alertness, maturity, awareness and inner harmony of each being.
According to Donna Cunningham, the negative aspects of a planet’s influence are exactly the positive aspects, taken to extremes.
In Capricorn, the ability to organize life is a unique talent; yet, if exaggerated, it leads to rigidity and inflexibility. Realism is a valuable quality. However, in the absence of a broad mental horizon, too much realism will produce pessimistic people. Although prudence is most important, an excessive amount of caution leads one to unnecessary fear and paralysis. [2]
Like the other earth signs, Capricorn can obtain the best balance in its soul by combining its realism and firmness with a positive attitude towards the virtues of other signs. That must include the dreaming ability of Pisces, the affectionate nature of Cancer and Leo, the sharp view of Scorpio, and the innovation of Aries. This shouldn’t be too difficult, because Capricorn is a sign of common sense.
Belonging to one of the last houses of the zodiac, Capricorn works under the inspiration of the Lord of the Rings: Saturn is the Master of Time and Karma. [3]
In Capricorn the energy of life is mature and capable of a constant creative synthesis. This is the sign of law and order. In the tenth territory of the zodiac, life knows the long-term time so well that it is easy for it to live one day at a time. Therefore Capricorn is patient.
How can one improve the experience of this sign and avoid some of its natural problems? While examining the earth element in Astrology, Stephen Arroyo wrote:
“The earth spirits are the gnomes, which are to be controlled by cheerful generosity (…). The greatest strength and radiance of the earth signs shines forth when they have assimilated this quality into their nature. ” [4]
Capricorn seeks for the highest point on the mountain, the place where the sky touches the earth. It looks for the top while keeping his feet on the ground. Working in an organized and consistent manner, Capricorn brings human experience close to the culmination of the Zodiac. It is from the point of view of ethics and with a practical attitude that this sign relates to the divine world. Capricorn’s energy is luminous because it points to the path of duty, and duty well done opens the door of bliss before all beings.
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The article “The Lesson of the Sun in Capricorn” was published in the associated websites on 19 January 2021, as the Sun was at the 29th degree of Capricorn.    
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