A Sensible Pilgrim Seeks the
Approval of His Own Conscience
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac, begins around January 22nd and experiences the high point of innovative individualism. Personal independence is a priority.
There may even be an exaggerated desire to look like original before the others. At the same time, the Aquarian pilgrim is altruistic – in his own way – and sees group life as extremely important.
Aquarius is the sign of planetary brotherhood on the plane of the mind. It is not comfortable with intense emotions. Aquarius belongs to the air element and it is inevitable for it to preserve a certain distance. In this sign one tends to live a serene friendship with al beings. There is a subtle goodwill which preserves and even celebrates diversity and everyone’s individual autonomy.
It is not a mere coincidence that the eleventh house of the birth charts – associated with Aquarius – is the home of friends, of collective action and mutual help. The ruling planet is Uranus, the co-ruler, Saturn. [1]
While seeming to be flexible, Aquarius has a great persistence. However, it can be also unpredictable. Being a fixed sign, it has enough inner firmness to show a certain affinity with the stubborn. But Aquarius is not aggressive with his view of things, since it prefers to avoid attachments. It is rational. The Aquarian individual occasionally changes his views. On the other hand, it is better not to expect deep devotion from him. Even when he is devoted, his personal dedication to something is more due to logical reasoning than to the unconditional warmth of the feeling of love for what is sacred.
This territory of the zodiac is too mental to be carried away by emotions. Of course, every human being has Aquarius in some sector of his astrological charts. We are all a little Aquarian, every time the Sun is in this sign – in January and February – or when the Moon passes by Aquarius once a month. Each human being has the twelve signs in his soul.
Aquarius gives us a visionary point of view, often focused on a futuristic ideal. In this sign it is important to play the role of someone who is “different” and an innovator in the social groups and society in general. In the first half of the 21st century, we live the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Under these conditions, in materialistic nations, almost everyone wants to be different from each other. Yet a collectively exaggerated search for “personal originality” becomes something predictable and uniform, and leads to an unfortunate process of poorly disguised imitation and mere fashion. When everyone tries to look like original, nobody is original.
In fact, being authentic is more important than breaking the external routine. In the deeper levels of the Aquarian energy, the impulse to innovate is expressed through contact with one’s spiritual soul, and not through a childish desire to be superficially “different from others”. And seeking the truth is better than merely trying to “know what’s new”.
When the soul is experienced, the apparent individualism of Aquarius is lived in a sincere and fraternal way, like everything that comes from the higher levels of consciousness. The innovation is then profound and relates to the spirit and the essence of things. The childish soul, on the other hand, tries to act in unusual ways in order to attract the attention of others.
In the higher levels of Aquarius, the soul of the pilgrim gets ready for the oceanic leap of the spirit which takes place, in Pisces, the next sign, the last of the zodiac, in which self-forgetfulness and a certain fullness of the soul occur. Aquarius tries to live it already – on a mental plane.  
In the childish pattern of consciousness, however, the Aquarian soul tries to be “different” in order to obtain applause or to attract attention in the short term. The reasoning is rather cold and the soul is afraid of intense feelings -; or it may have a secret contempt for them.
When acting on a high plane, Aquarius uses social life as a means of being useful to everyone, because it knows that whatever one sows, one reaps.  When the soul of the Aquarius person is immature, however, social life is seen as a long-term competition for applause and attention. In this case the individual takes the construction of his “role of innovator” very seriously. Deep down he is using the applause of others as a substitute for the approval of his own conscience, of which he is not sure. The same psychological mechanism is present in other zodiacal signs.
The sensible Aquarian does not seek primarily the applause of the outside public; he wants to get the approval of his own conscience above all. He knows that spiritual intelligence is but a ray light that belongs to the divine intelligences of the universe. In order to live the light of pure reason, he disengages himself from blind routines. He rejects the automatisms of collective belief.
Intrinsically beneficent, the sign of Aquarius combines understanding and intuition to form the eleventh house of the Sun’s yearly journey. The now starting Age of Aquarius is the process of discovering eternal light and infinite life, of which every human being is one center.
[1] See “A Few Words on Uranus”.
The article “The Lesson of the Sun in Aquarius” was published in the associated websites on 18 February 2021, as the Sun was at the 29th degree of Aquarius.
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