In the front page of the September edition, the Aquarian presents the article “An Improvement of the Heart”, which says:  
In one of his books, Boris Johnson describes a special moment in the life of Winston Churchill.”
On page three we have “The Key to Contentment: Less Cunning, More Intelligence”. The notes “The Horizon of Freedom”, “The Substance of One’s Agenda” and “The Possibility of a New World War” will be found on page four.
Other topics in the September edition include: 
* The Endless and the Limited;
* I.K. Taimni – The Role of Tapas in Raja Yoga;
* A Book Recommended by Helena Blavatsky – Buchanan, on Moral Education;
* Thomas Cleary – From the Taoist Classic ‘Wen-tzu’;
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 30, Other Letters to the Chela S. Ramaswamier; and
* Thoughts Along the Road
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