The opening thought of “The Aquarian” for November 2017 says: 
Whenever a civilization loses its sense of ethics, it becomes unable to stand its own weight.
On pages one and two we have the article “Preserving the Roots of Life”, whose subtitle clarifies: “The Sacred Side of Human Love is the Source and Foundation of Every Society”.
Pages 3-4 present the article by Helena Blavatsky which we entitled “The Ecology of Human Consciousness”: a unique fragment from “Isis Unveiled” examining the influence of the environment over mental and spiritual life.
The first paragraphs of Max Picard’s inspiring book The World of Silence” are on pages 5-7.
These topics are also examined in the November edition:
* A Master, On the Exact Way the Light Will Be Shed;
* Thoughts Along the Road – Life Itself Is the Sphinx Before You;
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 07, Transcriptions from the Letters of Blavatsky’s Teacher;
* Art and Theosophy – the Date of Creation of a Facebook Page Celebrates the Work of an Eastern Sage; and
* The Secret to Self-Enlightenment: becoming a Helpful Lamp.  
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