The May 2021 edition of The Aquarian presents a partial collection of theosophical prophecies regarding human future and its challenges. In the fifth month of the year, these are the main topics of the journal:
* The Blessing of Self-Discipline: As We Leave Superficial Factors Aside, We Strengthen Our Inner Will (p.01).
* Adyar or the Irrelevance of Bureaucracy (p.02).
* The Unlimited Potentiality of Wisdom,  in One’s Soul (p.03).
* The Wisdom From Neptune (p.04).
* No More Hiroshimas and Nagasakis: and an old prophecy on the danger of nuclear wars (p.05).
* A Prophecy on Judaism and Christianity: in the Theosophical Blog at “The Times of Israel” (p.05).
* A Puranic Prophecy: a text by Helena P. Blavatsky (p.06).
* What Blavatsky Says of 21st Century (p.08).
* Correspondence With Joy Mills – 04, Conclusion: Evaluating Mistakes and Strong Points in the Theosophical Literature (p.10).
* Thoughts Along the Road – An Unpleasant Desert May Help the Pilgrim Transcend the Narrow World of Small Things (p.16).
* A Prophecy on the Roman Church (p.17).
The edition has 18 pages, and includes the List of New Items in the associated websites.  
The entire collection of The Aquarian is available HERE.
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Regarding the path to happiness, one should remember this phrase by Helena Blavatsky (photo): “Deserve, then desire”.