Page one of the May edition presents the article entitled “Of Seeing – and Making – the Future”.
Everyone can obtain an accurate view”, says the article, “of the trends and potentialities that point to the future. For that, however, one must have some real knowledge of the past and present, a goal of enduring value, and freedom from illusions of a personal nature.”
On page two, a note discusses the natural affinity that exists between morality and kindness.
Two fragments from the Jewish tradition enlighten page three. “Written Lessons in Philosophy – Talking to the Great Sages of All Time” is on page 4.  Then we have “A Few Words by Maine de Biran”.
An Independent System of Training” is on pages 6 through 8.
Other topics include:
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 26;
* Thoughts Along the Road – Stimulating the Growth of That Which is Good;
* The article “Uncertain Winds Guide Public Opinion”, by H. P. Blavatsky; and
* A Course in Discipleship According to the Masters, starting next June.
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