Pomba Mundo
Volume XIV, Number 7
The opening sentence this month is from “Light on the Path”:
“It is easy to say, ‘I will not be ambitious’: it is not so easy to say, ‘When the Master reads my heart he will find it clean utterly’.”
On pages 1-2 there is a note by Dr. N. C. Ramanujachary entitled “Giving Up Illusions About Masters”.  On p. 3, “A Challenge in Theosophy: The Daily Formation of Character”.
Pages 4-6 have the article “Astral Dinosaurs and H.P.B., Some Evidence in Support of Blavatsky’s Rounds”, by Mark R. Jaqua. The note “The Art of Listening” is on page 7. “A Note on Jean Overton Fuller”, by Susan Waters, is on pp. 8-9.
Other topics in the May edition include:
Broad Vision and Immediate Action;
* The Effort of the Soul and the Beginning of Real Life;
* The Quiet Revolution: a Needed Change Is Underway;
* On the Need to Reinvent a Country;
* Brotherhood, Love and Aggressiveness;
* Life Flows From the Inside Out; and
* On Getting What We Need.
The 19 pp. edition includes 1909 Declaration of the United Lodge of Theosophists, and the  List of New Texts in www.TheosophyOnline.com  and its associated websites. 
You can find the entire collection of “The Aquarian Theosophistin our associated websites.
On the role of the esoteric movement in the ethical awakening of mankind during the 21st century, see the book “The Fire and Light of Theosophical Literature”, by Carlos Cardoso Aveline.
Published in 2013 by The Aquarian Theosophist, the volume has 255 pages and can be obtained through Amazon Books.