Our March edition has this opening thought:
By studying the flow of Cycles one gets to understand the science of the use of time.”
The article that starts on page one is “Wisdom in Daily Life: The Theosophy of Economics”.  It says:
In both ancient and modern societies, economic relations constitute a central karmic process for they are not limited to the material plane of life, but unfold on various levels of consciousness.
Economic structures play a key role in human history and destiny: the degree of justice and equity present in them helps define the inner quality of life.
These are other topics in the March 2017 “Aquarian”:
*The Meals of the Pilgrim – the issue of food in esoteric philosophy;
* Helena Blavatsky, On Ethics in the Theosophical Movement;
* Contrast and Unity, the Paradox of Man Regarding the Cosmos;
* 2017, the Year in Which Nuclear Weapons Could Be Banned?;
* Listening to the Silence;
* Rejecting Emotional Garbage;
* Thoughts Along the Road; and
* April 2, a Day to Celebrate Altruism.
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