This is the opening thought of June 2017 edition:
There is a sharp difference between peace and stagnation.
On page one, the article “The Choices that Elevate the Soul” says: 
As soon as a pilgrim decides to tread the path to wisdom, several additional decisions must be made that he cannot postpone.
On page three we have “The State of Mind and External Conditions”. Page four presents “Taking a Rest from Outward Perception” and “Beyond Wishful Thinking”.
The Writings of an Eastern Master – 02”, on pages 5-7, brings us excerpts from a letter of Blavatsky’s teacher.  The article “Storks, Babies and the Phoenix”  examines an ancient  legend,  on p. 8.
These are other topics in the June 2017 edition:
* The breathing of the forests and our breathing; 
* Orwell and the power of caring for the others;
* Theosophy in the Epistle of James;
* The Art of Studying Blavatsky;
* Thoughts Along the Road: there can be no firmness in one’s steps, in the absence of self-discipline;
* Ernest Pelletier writes to the editors: Adyar makes progress; and
* The invisibility of essential factors.
The 18-pp. edition includes the List of New Texts in our associated websites.  
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