The opening thought of the January edition says:
The world needs less opinionators and more truth-seekers.
Page one presents “A Prayer Before the Future”, with a few practical decisions for tomorrow.  A brief description of the Chinese Year of the Rooster will be found on page two.
The note “Discovering the Key to Contentment” is on page three, together with a fragment by John Garrigues about the point of inner balance in one’s soul.
Four Axioms for People of Good Will” discusses on pages 4 and 5 how best one can  reform oneself, and reform the world.
A fragment from a book by Donald J. Trump is on pages six and seven:  “Each Success Leads to the Next One”. Then we have “Hua Hu Ching: The True Teachers Dwell On the Divine Realm”.
Our January 2017 edition also includes:
* A Novel on Adeptship: Blavatsky Discusses “Mr. Isaacs”;
* The Role of Unplanned Events in Life;
* Self-Boycott and Related Obstacles – Walking Into a Sacred Territory;
* Thoughts Along the Road;
* Farias Brito, On the Just Man;
* A Fragment on Astrology, by Helena Blavatsky; and
* The Aquarian on Facebook: Daily Information on the Path to Planetary Renewal.
The 18 pp. edition includes the List of New Texts in our associated websites.
You can find the entire collection of The Aquarian” at our associated websites.