How can one improve the quality of life in present-day nations?
The awakening of the soul stimulates discernment, and the opening text in this edition is “Abandoning the Sociological Delusion” (pp. 1-2). After that, a short letter from a master of the wisdom examines the need to be sincere and work for the essential good of one’s country.
On page three, a fragment from Max Picard is entitled “The Heaven of Languages”: “In the Fables of the Golden Age we are told that men understood the language of all animals…”. 
The note “The Endless and the Limited” is on page four. On pages 5-6, we have an article “On Building Our Jacob’s Ladder – The Vertical Side of a Pilgrimage”.  The note “Attaining Freedom From Slavery to Small Things” is on page seven.
These are other topics in the February 2018 edition:
* Silence and Good Will;
* Organized Compassion;
* Understanding the Media that Have No Respect for Truth;
* When the Small Purifies the Large;
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 11, transcriptions from the Letters of Blavatsky’s Teacher;
* Regarding Your Future;
* Universal Law and Common Sense;
* Born on 22 February – John Reuchlin, the Father of Reformation; and
* Being Friends with Our Subconscious.
The 17-pp. edition includes hyperlinks to various articles and a List of the New Items recently published in our associated websites.
The entire collection of The Aquarian” is available at our associated websites.