On page one of the December edition of “The Aquarian”, the article “The Awakening of the Future” says:
The splendour of the lights in any city of the world – by Christmas – is a pale reflection of the light of contentment that may exist in one’s soul.”
On page two the reader finds “How Much Strength One Has” and an invitation to listen to a series of thirteen audios with Geoffrey A. Farthing (1909-2004). The talks were just published in our channel at YouTube.
On page three, “Robert Crosbie on the Tower of Babel” and a quotation from Max Picard on Silence. On page four, “The Sources of Peace”. “A Few Notes on Awareness” is on pages 4-5. Then we present “Will-Power and Magnetism”.
Other topics in this issue:
* Reducing the Waste of Energy;
* Three Items On the Agenda;
* Exploring the Occult Side of Christmas;
* The Challenges Involved in Learning;
* Thoughts Along the Road – wise people place their confidence on the Law; and
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 33 (Concluded) – an article which contains this statement: foolish are those who doubt the Masters.
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