On page one of its August edition, The Aquarian brings you the article “Life’s Constant Renewal: the Youth and Old Age in One’s Soul”.
During childhood”, it says, “we subconsciously remember the vibration pattern of earlier lives. We recall or review at the same time the previous phases of planetary evolution. Individual Karma gets inspiration once more from the long term past.”
On page tree we have “Attaining Contentment”. Page four presents “The Healing Effect of Inner Peace”. On pp. 5 and 6, “Thoughts Along the Road”. Then the fragment “Baltasar Gracián, on Transcendent Wisdom”.
The tale “The Book of Destiny”, by Brazilian author Malba Tahan, is on pages 7-9. 
Other topics in the edition include: 
* Abstaining from Wrong Action;
* E-Theosophy at YahooGroups: Expanding Universal Wisdom; and
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 29, Letters to the Chela S. Ramaswamier. 
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