The opening article in this edition is “The Practical Side of Compassion: The Roots of Lucidity and Pain”, which says:
“Every political crisis has moral roots, and the foundations of good sense and mutual understanding are also moral. The sources of conflict must be found at the human soul, just as the essential substance of peace and justice.”
What is the validity in our century of the “One Nation” philosophy of solidarity taught by British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli?
On page three we have two notes. One of them mentions the lessons present in disharmony. The other one proposes the possibility of suffering with dignity a pain that belongs to all. 
Socratic Questions to Oneself” is on page four.  On page five we have a fragment from Pitirim A. Sorokin: “Conversion to Goodness: Unsuspected Kindness as Precipitant”.
Other topics include:
* When the Earth Shall Melt, Planetary Change and the Eternal Law;
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 25;
* On what level are you of the evolutionary journey? In what phase are your friends?
* Robert Crosbie Writes About Voluntary Simplicity; and
* Thoughts Along the Road – Victory Must Be Looked at Humbly.
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