Eight Stanzas With Contemplative
Verses of Classical Taoist Philosophy
Chang Po-Tuan
True intent arouses real knowledge;
Conscious knowledge also spontaneously responds.
The three join as one,
And at once body and mind are settled.
The empty room produces light;
In quietude yang is restored:
Gather it and diligently refine it,
Transforming it into violet-gold frost.
In the spiritual opening the light of wisdom arises;
Essence appears, and feelings about objects vanish.
Clear and bright the jewel that glows in the dark;
Everywhere is bright and clean.
Volatility transmutes into true essence;
The human mind changes into the mind of Tao.
Without refinement by the spiritual fire,
How can gold be separated from the ore?
Real knowledge and conscious knowledge;
These two are originally the same energy.
Subjected to refinement by fire,
They merge without a trace of defect.
In the occult opening real consciousness appears;
Take the opportunity to get to work to nurture it.
When essence and sense cleave to one another,
They always produce the material for the elixir.
There is an opening of open awareness
Which is called the opening of the mysterious female;
Therein are stored spirit and energy,
Originally the root of the celestial and earthly souls.
Conscious knowledge is the vitality within fire;
Real knowledge is the jewel within water.
When negativity within water and fire vanishes,
The light is brilliant, truly sound.
Reproduced from the book “The Inner Teachings of Taoism”, by Chang Po-Tuan, Commentary by Liu I-ming, Translated into English by Thomas Cleary, Shambhala Publications, Inc., Boston & London, 1986, 118 pages. See “Explanatory Verses”, pp. 32-33. The first four stanzas are also published at “The Aquarian Theosophist”, August 2020, pp. 10-11.
The above item was published in the associated websites on 30 May 2021.  
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