Theosophy Helps Us Build a
Sacred Atmosphere in Daily Life
The Editors
These are a few texts on family life and personal duties as part of the path to wisdom.
The last items in the list discuss the lower self and the emotional life of truth-seekers as sources of sacred lessons.
1) Turning a House Into a Temple:
2) Is Family Life a Duty?:
3) Hierocles, On Marriage:
4) Love Without Violence:
5) How Women Enlighten the Future:
6) Stopping Filicide, Respecting Children:
7) An Old Celtic Legend of Atlantis:
8) On Abortion: Is Foeticide a Crime?:
9) The Art of Loving:
[a book]
10) Freedom from Attachment to Pain:
11) Respect for the Lower Self:
12) The Lower Self as a Tool:
13) The Two Sides of Human Soul:
14) Self-Forgetfulness and Bliss:
The above text was published in the associated websites in October 2017.
Helena Blavatsky (photo) wrote these words: “Deserve, then desire”.