A Short Meditation to Expand Inner Harmony
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
I say thanks to my physical body, because it works night and day for my well-being and health.
The material organism is intelligent. It heals itself. It recovers equilibrium. It is the nearest one among my friends, and I must take good care of it.
I say thanks to the many persons with whom I interact – either physically or in the realm of thought. Because everyone and all things are in union, even if they often ignore the fact. The law of life is the law of friendship. Mutual help is the law.
I promise to fulfil my duties.
I must have respect for myself and for everyone else, starting with those that are near me.
I will think of the good of the others. The central goal is to develop my highest potentiality. It is to unfold the most luminous possibilities in peace.
Om, shanti.
The above meditation can be made by adults and children together.
Prayer of Peace” is available at the associated websites as an independent item since 10 August 2021. An initial version of the text was anonymously published in the October 2018 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pages 1-2.
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