Practicing the Yoga of Right Thought
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
I share right now the bliss and the law of justice with those whom I have
met, with those whom I have not met, and those whom I will meet in the future
Om, Shanti.
I evoke the best to my fellow humans, colleagues and every being I have met.
I hope all persons with whom I interact liberate themselves from the causes of pain, and from selfishness – a powerful source of suffering.
May my soul lead me away from ignorance. I wish everyone rises in the path to Peace.
Each human being is my brother, even if he doesn’t know about that. I keep away from imprudence. I reject carelessness and voluntary forms of ignorance. In the depth of silence I see Equilibrium.
Side by side with detachment, we find wisdom. Kind thoughts for the others have the same substance as right thoughts regarding oneself.
The faults of my colleague are my mistakes. The virtues of my brother are also mine. Cowards think they can benefit from the defeat of others.
I am severe with myself and generous with those around me.
I know sincere goodwill does not accept indulgence: it is due to their selfishness that the lazy and the false stimulate indolence in others.
A combination of altruism and severity produces peace. The right kind of vigilance makes one demand the best from himself and from others.
It is not my goal to say to people what they wish to hear. I practice abstention from falsehood.
Wishing the best to one’s fellow beings is a sober attitude and has nothing to do with appearance. It includes both agreement and disagreement. It is inseparable from frankness. It doesn’t have an outward form, and yet it can be seen wherever there is goodwill.
Emitting generous feelings for others is an immediate way to be happy. As every other event that takes place in the soul, this practical action is invisible, silent, and effective.
Blessed points of view show the higher aspects of life. I invoke that which is best and most elevated to the lives of those who interact with me, and those who don’t.
I wish they eliminate the absence of peace. May everyone attain contentment by treading the path of simplicity.
I share right now the bliss and the law of justice with those whom I have met; with those whom I have not met; and those whom I will meet in the future.
Shanti, Om.
The above text was first published at the October 2017 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 1-2, with no indication as to the name of the author.