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Human Ethics and Earthquakes


The Secret Connection Between Human
Psychology and the Geological Cycles of the Earth
Damodar K. Mavalankar
A scene showing results from the 2015 earthquake in Nepal
An Editorial Note:
The following article is reproduced from “The Theosophist” magazine, India, September 1885 edition, p. 285. Signed “K.D.M.”, the text was most likely written by Damodar K. Mavalankar (D.K.M., or K.D.M.), who was a close assistant to Helena Blavatsky.  Original title: “Earthquakes”.
In an article published in 1933, the North-American theosophist C. J. Ryan corroborates the idea of Damodar’s authorship.[1] It must be said that in September 1885 Damodar had already gone to live in one of the Ashrams of the Masters of the Wisdom.[2] His note on earthquakes was published a few months after he left India abandoning  the visible aspects of the theosophical movement. Helena Blavatsky had left India for good a few months before him: she went to Europe in March 1885.
(Carlos Cardoso Aveline)
Human Ethics and Earthquakes
The theories now put forth by the scientists as regards the cause of earthquakes are not satisfactory.
The Hindus have a superstition that the great snake Basuki carries the earth on its head, and when the earth becomes heavy with sins, this snake moves its head and this is the cause of earthquakes.
If we try to go to the bottom of this superstition we may get a glimpse of what was believed by the ancients as the cause of earthquakes.
According to the Tantrik yoga philosophy the earth is sustained by a force named Kundalini shakti, this force is the life of the earth. This force is symbolically represented by a snake entwined in 3½ coils round the linga-sharira of the earth. In the microcosm, this force is a state of strain producing a current that moves along a spiral path.
According to Professor Maxwell, electricity is a state of strain in the luminiferous ether, and all the phenomena of the magnetic force are observed when electricity flows along a spiral coil.
From these it may strike one’s mind that what is called magnetism in modern science is one form of the Kundalini shakti of the Hindu yogis.
It is a fact proved by the scientists that this earth is a large magnet. And I think that the internal disturbance in the earth’s magnetism is symbolically represented in the superstition above alluded to as regards the cause of earthquakes.
Modern scientific men can see no connection between the cause of earthquakes and events on the mental plane of the earth. But when they understand that there is no such thing as accident in this universe, that every event which appears to us as accident, is the effect of a force on the mental plane, then they will be able to understand why the superstitious Hindus look upon earthquakes as the effect of accumulated sins committed by men. [3]
The superstition of the Hindus properly understood means this: That the accumulated effect of the bad Karmas of men on the earth, impressed in the astral fire, is to produce a change in the position of the centre of the force which is earth’s life. This centre of force, known by the Hindus as Padma or Chakra, is the head of Basuki. When the earth, to sustain its own life, requires to change the position of the centre of its active life, a disturbance in the internal magnetism of the earth is produced, amongst other phenomena earthquakes occur, just as nervous tremors occur in a man’s body. [4]
Only one who is an adept in the knowledge of all departments of natural forces can say how far this view of the Hindus is correct. Let the reader seek the help of such a one to clear his doubts, and when I have said this I have nothing more to say.
[1] “Scientific Notes and News”, by C. J. Ryan, in “The Theosophical Path”, October 1933, p. 220. (CCA)
[2] See letter 29, first series, in “Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom” (TPH) and the commentaries to it. (CCA)
[3] Human greed causes environmental devastation and periodical climate changes. (CCA)
[4] A change in the axis of the planet. (CCA)
The annotated article above is reproduced from the May 2016 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 9-10.
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Human Ethics and Earthquakes
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