Pomba Mundo
A Poem on the Higher Ties that Conquer Death
W. K.
The following poem was first published
at “Lucifer” (a magazine whose name means
“Light-Bringer”, and which has been long
distorted by naïve churchmen). The verses appeared in its
May 1890 edition, p. 227. Original title: “A Fragment”.
Friends all, nay, more than Friends,
Brothers and Sisters mine, who thus have held with me,
Through our brief span of Life;
Grieve not that we must part.
Once more my path lies through the Gates of Death;
Alone I pass, nor hold it sad to leave you thus,
Save that I know not how or when,
Our Friendship shall again be found.
Yet we shall once again clasp hand in hand,
And your glad recognition spring to know me still,
A Brother. Have we not often met
On this Earth’s changing scene?
And shall we not again be Friends and Brothers?
Each helping each on that long upward Path
Through many a day of Life,
Till Earthly Life be done.
Ah! – now my senses close,
But memory passes swiftly back;
I know you once again,
In Lives deep buried in the Past.
Yes! Now I know why I have loved you thus;
How helpful deeds in far back Lives,
Have bound us each to each,
With ties that conquer Death.
But more than all our Bond is this,
A mutual Vow, a Solemn Pledge,
Each to his Higher Self, and each to all,
In that Great Quest which still we hold.
Brothers – I see the Light …
Hold fast the Quest …
Once more we meet …
(W. K.)