Pomba Mundo
Alexander Wilder, Modern Theosophy
And the Eclectic Philosophy of Alexandria
José Ramón Sordo
Helena P. Blavatsky and the eminent theosophist A. Wilder
Editorial Note:
The following article is reproduced from “FOHAT
magazine, Canada. Part I was published in the Winter
2006 edition. Part II appeared in the Spring 2007 edition.
Mexican theosophist José Ramón Sordo ( ?? – 2014 ) was
an earnest student of the original teachings of theosophy.  
(Carlos Cardoso Aveline)
Although the Theosophical History Occasional Paper Volume III, “Ammonius Saccas and his ‘Eclectic Philosophy’ as presented by Alexander Wilder” written by Dr. Jean-Louis Siémons, was published by Dr. James Santucci, editor of Theosophical History, in 1994, and the original paper was delivered by Dr. Siémons in London in 1988; the importance and timeless character of its content, despite the lapse of 18 years will be enough reason for a few remarks of mine concerning this important research.
In September 2016, after a careful analysis of the state of the esoteric movement worldwide, a group of students decided to form the Independent Lodge of Theosophists, whose priorities include the building of a better future in the different dimensions of life.