A Short Story by Blavatsky Describes
Cagliostro’s Presence in Paris in 1861
Helena P. Blavatsky
The Count of Cagliostro, possibly born around 1743
A 2020 Editorial Note:
H.P. Blavatsky’s tale “An Unsolved Mystery”, with commentaries by the editor Boris de Zirkoff, is reproduced from “Collected Writings”, H. P. Blavatsky, TPH, volume I, pp. 151-162.
We have divided some longer paragraphs into smaller ones. The text describes a supposed episode with Cagliostro and his wife, both using other names and living in Paris, in 1861.
Born in 1831, HPB herself was 30 years old in that year.
Writing this story might be a means for HPB to give indications – regarding Cagliostro and the mystic path – that would be useful for those concerned. It could also serve to protect the real work of Cagliostro (and Blavatsky) from the enemies of esoteric wisdom, by using a layer of information that cannot be taken literally.
Many aspects of the story confirm it is not literally true. It makes no sense to think that someone who is not advanced in the spiritual path, like Mrs. Cagliostro, could reincarnate in such a short period of time.
See the articles “Was Cagliostro a Charlatan?”, by Helena P. Blavatsky, and “Alexandre Dumas Describes Cagliostro”, by CCA.
Read the books “Rituel de la Maçonnerie Egyptienne”, by Le Comte de Cagliostro, and “Cagliostro, Le Maître Inconnu”, de Marc Haven.  
The above text was published in the associated websites on 12 August 2020.  It is also a part of the April 2020 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 11-19. The 2020 Editorial Note, however, was revised by its author in August 2020  
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