May Austerity Be My Protection, and
May I Be Honest, Without Being Naïve
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
I live in the sober territory of ethics.
I am in unity with all beings, on the level of that which is sincere. The fire of respect for truth defends me.
I have nothing in common with anyone on the plane of intentional mistakes.  I reject vices. I repel falsehoods and eliminate impurities.
I’m not afraid of paying for my mistakes. I’m in harmony with all beings, as long as the feeling is honest and the purpose, altruistic. I disapprove of anything that is unworthy.
Compassion is useful in helping someone to rise above limitations. It is no excuse to adhere to mistakes. I leave aside whoever sees me as a dishonest individual, or expects me to support hypocrisy.
The mutual pardon of perverted individuals does not interest me. I ask my soul to protect me from evil disguised under a sheep’s clothing. May my Spirit help me identify any rascal who would like to see me as his colleague.
I have nothing in common with people who choose to make conscious mistakes. I adopt as my own the words by Maimonides: I prefer to address myself to one intelligent man, rather than pleasing ten thousand fools. [1]
I keep away from the mellifluous mutual compliments of dishonest people. I don’t want to see spirituality where it is not. May austerity be my protection. May I be honest, without being naïve.
Universal brotherhood presupposes a pure heart. 
I will serenely unmask moral ugliness disguised as noble intentions. I’m going to defend the ethics. I want to sow that which I would like to harvest.
Om, Shanti,
Shalom, Amen.  
[1] “The Guide for the Perplexed”, Maimonides, Dover Publications, New York, 414 pp., see p. 09.
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